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How can you help my neck or back?

We believe excellence is gaining the best possible results for our clients. For us this involves using the best possible methods and state of the art equipment to do so.


We treat the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. We have striven to achieve this and now achieve a 95% success rate amongst our spinal injury clients.

If your back or neck symptoms have appeared recently, or if they are a recurrent , old problem we can use the best manual physiotherapy techniques to facilitate the healing process and restore normal function as soon as possible. Some people with neck and back problems are suitable candidates for our intensive strengthening programme of MedX® treatment.

How can we help your neck or back?

  • Regardless of initial diagnosis or original injury, if you have had low back pain symptoms for more than 6 weeks or recurrently over a longer period you are likely to develop weakness and instability of the spine.
  • This weakness is the major factor in most chronic back conditions.
  • We specialise in specific intensive strengthening treatment that has been proven to restore stability to the spine and reduce or eliminate pain.
  • We see our patients return to a full and active lifestyle.
  • The results we see our clients achieve are long lasting.
  • diagram

    The red diagram shows this cycle of weakness and pain, called deconditioning.

    The blue diagram shows how the treatment can reverse the process of deconditioning.


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