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Full Rehab Gym

Exercise Rehabilitation


Exercise rehabilitation helps you get stronger and stay stronger.

Exercise should be effective and specific to your needs. When done well it brings great and noticeable effects to your life.

Exercising can be a worrying thing after having suffered an injury, many people avoid it, not wanting to cause further pain. Unfortunately, this avoidance of exercise causes weakness and is the reason why many injuries have never fully recovered.

With our physiotherapists experience and knowledge of injuries, we can offer a tailored exercise programme designed to strengthen your particular injury or areas of weakness. We also design it to your appropriate level of fitness.This effectively prevents injuries and pain further down the line.

Getting Started

On the first visit you will be assessed by our qualified staff. We use specialist equipment to target specific strengthening of each muscle group safely and effectively. Our gym is open for the general public. If you are receiving physiotherapy with us you will use the gym as part of your rehabilitation process.

Fitting it in your schedule

Once you have been assessed and started the programme you can use the gym independently within clinic hours. Our staff will be available to give help or support.

Weight loss

We have a weight loss training programme which we tailor to your ability and fitness.


Our gym programme will help strengthen your bones and body as prevention of osteoporosis.


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